The APPG on Energy Costs

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Energy Costs
: Alan Brown MP Co-Chair: Lord Whitty Vice-Chairs: Lord Deben, Peter Aldous MP, Julie Elliott MP,  Lord Haworth, Lord Palmer.

Formal Details of APPG

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The purpose of this Group is:

  • to promote evidence-based discussion on all aspects of energy costs
  • to inform energy policy decisions and public debate
  • to enable communication between interested parties and relevant parliamentarians

We interpret this brief broadly, to include all aspects of costs to the domestic and business consumer, the taxpayer and the industry itself.​

Please note that this is not an official website of the House of Commons or the House of Lords. It has not been approved by either House or its Committees. All-Party Groups are informal groups of members of both Houses with a common interest in particular issues. Any views expressed in these pages or in our reports are those of the Group. The Group seeks to influence the views of Parliament and of Government to better address these issues.

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Forthcoming Meetings

  • Wednesday 20 July 2022 – 5pm-6pm – Topic and speakers TBA

Recent Previous Meetings 

For details of past meetings please go to the meeting notes page.

Working Groups

The aim of each Working Group is to produce a Report intended to assist policy-makers reach decisions on best evidence.

The Working Group report on the Wholesale Gas Market, published March 2015, is available here.  We gratefully acknowledge the sponsorship of ICIS, Energy UK, Gas Forum, and Oil & Gas UK. The report is best summed up by our Vice Chair, Lord Palmer: “This is the definitive guide to the British wholesale gas market. It is often discussed but seldom fully understood because the market is complex. This guide will be of great use to government, politicians and anybody who wants to comment knowledgeably on UK energy issues. The report shows the UK market to be the most competitive and transparent in Europe.”

The first of our Working Groups entitled `Smart metering: overcoming challenges’ published its report, which can be downloaded here, in July 2014. The terms of reference for the report were:

We also intend to launch WGs in due course on:

  • The economics of wind
  • The green deal: prospects for success
  • Domestic costs: truth and fiction
  • Business costs: UK competitiveness
  • Other ideas welcome

To register as a supporter of this APPG please contact the secretariat.

Each All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) is required by the official rules to have a set of Officers who are Members of either the House of Commons or the House of Lords. Royal Public Affairs currently provides the secretariat for two such Groups: this one and also the APPG on a Fit and Healthy Childhood.

The secretariat does the work of organising meetings and such other activities as the Group decides to undertake. This may include, for instance, the establishment of Working Groups in order to produce reports on topics of interest.

Groups with an ambitious programme need to be funded. Many Groups are funded by a single substantial organisation who provide staff to the APPG. We prefer to have a broader base of interested parties and so request a modest annual fee. If you are interested in supporting either of these Groups please email Phil for further details.

Ethical Note

For the avoidance of all doubt, may we re-assure you that no politician has asked for, or been offered, any payment of any kind.

Parliamentary Register

You can find details of the group on the UK Parliament’s website here.