28/04/21 – Net Zero: How will we pay for it?

Speakers: Neil Hirst, Imperial College London and Sophie Yule-Bennett from The Regulatory Assistance Project

28 April 2021

All-Party Parliamentary Group on Energy Costs

‘Net Zero: How will we pay for it?’

Chair: Alan Brown MP


  • Neil Hirst, Senior Research Fellow, Imperial College London
  • Sophie Yule-Bennett, Senior Advisor, European Power Team, The Regulatory Assistance Project, Brussels

As this was a Zoom meeting we are able to share a recording instead of the usual meeting notes.

You can request access to the recording by email here and see the chatstream here.

Order and Timings:

00:00 Alan Brown MP – Chair’s introduction

02:44 Neil Hirst

10:27 Sophie Yule-Bennett – download post-meeting letter further answering some of the questions raised

18:42 Questions and Discussion

You should also be able to read and follow the chat flow which has further questions and responses.