17/11/20 – Future Ready Homes – 12 Things our Homes Need for Net Zero Strategies to be Achievable

BEAMA, a trade association representing 200 manufacturers of low carbon, smart energy and safety products, has published a new paper on Future Ready Homes.

This paper sets out 12 practical actions that need to be at the centre of Government strategies for heat decarbonisation, electrification and home energy efficiency for a practical, ‘no-regrets’ pathway to net zero. The key is to make our homes ready for the future so that they can connect to, and benefit from, the new energy infrastructure.

By 2050, 28 million existing homes, plus millions of new build homes will need to be ready to use energy in a very different way. Our homes need to be:

  • Ready for low carbon heating
  • Ready to contribute to grid flexibility
  • Ready for electrification

Time is not on our side. As the future energy infrastructure emerges, our homes must be ready to connect to it. This paper shows how we can make our homes ready, through actions that will also deliver benefits in the short term, making homes more efficient, more liveable, and cheaper to maintain.